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Applications - Precious Metals Chemistry

Our ultrapure precious metals compounds and electroplating baths of the platinum metals group, gold and silver are used in decorative and technical fields. The precious metals serve the most diverse purposes:

Jewellery and watches
Decoration - Tarnish protection for silver parts - Abrasion resistance - Electroforming

Writing utensils (nibs, spring clips)
Decoration - Tarnish protection - Abrasion resistance

Spectacle frames
Decoration - Corrosion protection - Tarnish protection - Abrasion resistance - Allergy protection

Polish - Tarnish protection for silver pieces - Abrasion resistance

Dental technology (inlays, crowns and telescope parts)
Precision - Corrosion resistance - Electroforming

Catalyst production (chemistry and environment)
Catalytic functions

Anodes production (for electroplating industry)
Activation of base material - Corrosion resistance - Catalytic functions

Activation of plastics
Generation of conductivity for metallic deposition

Conductibility - Corrosion resistance - Tarnish protection

Fuel cells
Catalytic functions

If you have questions regarding one of the applications listed, we will gladly advise you in the selection of the right precious metal product and process - professionally and discrete.

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