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Platinised Niobium

Platinised niobium anodes combine the excellent electrochemical characteristics of platinum with the very good corrosion qualities of niobium.

Platinised Niobium

They are characterised by the following features:

  • Production of complex shape anodes possible
  • Easy handling, low maintenance 
  • Low electric resistance 
  • Excellent corrosion characteristics 
  • Application also in fluoride containing baths 
  • Long service life at very high current density 
  • Dimensional stability
  • Replating possible 

This anode type consists of a niobium base in the form of expanded metal, sheet, rod, wire, or pipe. The standard platinum layer thickness is 2 - 5 µm, in case of higher loads layer thickness of up to 20 µm. Compared to platinised titanium anodes, niobium anodes have a significantly higher breakdown voltage. A longer service lifetime at even higher current densities(up to 100 A/dm2) are achieved in particular when using in baths with low fluoride concentration.

Overview of the specifications – Platinised niobium anodes

Base material: Niobium
Shape of base material: Expanded metal, sheet, pipe, rod, wire
Size and construction: Customer specific
Pt-layer thickness: 2 - 20 µm / standard: 2 - 5 µm
Coating methods: Aqueous bath / Molten salt electrolysis / Pyrolytic deposition
Specific current density: max. 100 A / dm2
Type of application: Anode / bipolar electrode
pH-value: 0 - 11
Bath temperature: max. 60 °C

Platinised niobium anodes are very frequently used as expanded metal anodes.

Standardly METAKEM offers the following niobium mesh types:

Mesh Type Niobium

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