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Platinum - Electrolytes


Platinum is characterised by having a good abrasion and corrosion resistance, and a high melting point. Platinum electrolytes from METAKEM are used for technical and decorative applications.



Platinum-DNS is an acidic platinum electrolyte for the galvanic deposition of bright platinum layers.

Bath type: Strong sulphuric
Platinum content: 10 g per litre (range: 6-12 g)
Layer: Platinum, brilliant white
Max. layer thickness: 10 µm
pH-value: 1,5
Bath temperature: 50 °C (40-60 °C)
Current density: 0,3 - 1,5 A/dm2
Deposition rate: 1 µm / 30 min bei 1 A/dm2
Type of application: Plating of nickel, copper, brass, stainless steel, gold, titanium, niobium
Delivery form: Make-up: Platinum-DNS
(50 g Pt / L)
Replenishment: Platinum-DNS-R


Platinum-OH is a strong alkaline platinum electrolyte for the deposition of silk-mat, ductile platinum coatings - used in particular for technical applications.

Type of application:

Bath type : Strong alkaline
Platinum content: 10 g per litre (range: 8-15 g)
Layer: Platinum, silk-mat
Max. layer thickness: 25 µm
pH-value: 13
Bath temperature: 80 °C (50-90 °C)
Current density: 1 A/dm2
Deposition rate: 1 µm / 8 min bei 1 A/dm2
Type of application: Technical platinum plating
Delivery form : Make-up:
Platinum-OH (50 g Pt / L)
Replenishment: H2Pt(OH)6

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