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Reference Electrodes

The cathodic corrosion protection with impressed current anodes has been a proven, excellent method for the protection of units, unit components and constructions against corrosion for many decades now.

Apart from these impressed current anodes (see: "Products" -> PtTi, PtNb, mixed oxide Ti+Nb), METAKEM offers an extensive assortment of reference electrodes:

  • Ag/AgCl
  • Cu/CuSO4
  • Hg/HgO and Hg/HgSO4
  • Mg- and Zn-half cells


Reference electrodes are suitable for permanent use and therefore have a robust design. They are half cells made of threaded steel connection, a reference unit and a cable/resin connector. Design and construction also allow an easy replacement of the worn or defect parts after several years.

The following elements supplement the product assortment:

  • Threaded connections (steel, stainless steel and plastic)
  • Welded sockets
  • Threaded connections for wire fixing 
  • Insulation elements
  • Cables


For this area of application METAKEM offers the application-specific design and construction as well as the complete production of pre-finished systems.

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