Silver Treatment

Silver OX Remover
Tarnished, oxidised silver as jewellery, cutlery or other decorative goods will be bright and shiny after treatment with Silver-OX-Remover.  Easy application: dipping of tarnished silver goods into reusable Silver-OX-Remover solution. Residence time in solution: a few minutes.  Afterwards careful rinsing under warm water.

Antitarnish M 100 is based on an aqueous, metal-free tarnish-protection solution - used preferably for electrochemically deposited silver surfaces. The transparent, organic, extremely thin protective layer is applied by immersion method. It is a perfect protection against the influence of hydrogen sulphide. The appearance and the electric characteristics of the silver are hardly influenced at all. The solderability and bondability is guaranteed. The product is free of chrome (VI) and solvents. Antitarnish-M-100 is also used on gold, palladium and copper surfaces to be protected. Further information at

Silver OX
Silver-OX is an easy to use black silver stain. By means of careful polishing after usage of the stain, also a bluish colour is obtainable. The brilliance of the surface still remains after the etching process. The removal of the etched surface is done by means of Silver-OX-Remover.

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